Eliana: Learn Safari’s Most Cheerful Leader!

Arturo in the Savanna

As you probably already know, this is Arturo. He is the main character in Spanish Safari. He is the user’s guide, a great leader, and a hero.

This blog post, however, is not about him. This post is about Arturo’s biggest fan; his little sister, Eliana. At first glance, Eliana seems like the typical nosy, and slightly annoying, little sister. She wants to be everywhere Arturo is and even tries to take over his projects at times, but the reality is that she loves her big brother and wants to be just like him!

Arturo is her hero, and she learns a lot from him. Along the way, however, Arturo learns a lot from Eliana as well. Eliana is very positive and she’s a super enthusiastic ball of energy. She is a curious little girl whose appetite for learning knows no bounds and who is not easily deterred.

eli monoLike our other characters, Eliana underwent a few changes, although not as many as some of the others. Eliana started off looking like a little baby. Once our 3D modeler, Vincent, got a hold of her, however, he gave her proportions that would better indicate her age (she’s around 6 in the app). She also got a different wardrobe, but her zest for life has always clearly shone through.

Eliana’s character is near and dear to my heart. She is named and based off of my own little monkey, Eliana Lee. It has been very special watching her come to life! I hope that you guys enjoy Eliana as much as we do. She will bring an extra dose of excitement to the savanna and help encourage your children on their journey to learning Spanish!


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