Bilingual Dough Creatures Game – Teach the Parts of the Face in Spanish to Kids with this Fun Language Activity (Free Printable Included)

Teaching the Parts of The Facein Spanish with a fun language activity (Free printable)

We are so excited to present this activity by Kids Activities Designer Rodrigo Macias * It is a wonderful and fun way to practice the parts of the face in Spanish with your kids and/or students. We promise, they will not get bored with this one! Enjoy! 


Activity: Practice the vocabulary for the parts of the face in Spanish by rolling the “face parts dice” and then choosing from a mix of different kinds of dough eyes, noses, mouths and ears to form different kinds of funny creature’s faces.

What do you need?

  1. The Bilingual Creatures’ Face Parts printable
  2. Scissors
  3. Any kind of glue or tape

Set it up:

  1. Print and cut out the face parts and dice provided in the free printable.
  2. After bending in the gray lines on the dice, use tape or any kind of glue to stick the flaps andform a steady cube shape.
  3. Layout the base face template and place the face parts around it.

(Video) Stop-motion with face examples

How to play:

  1. Roll the English dice and select a matching face part from the pool.
  2. Do the same, but now using the Spanish dice.
  3. Keep alternating the dice until the creature’s face has all 6 parts (left/right eye, left/right ear,mouth and nose).

– To keep the game fresh during many different rounds, rotate the base face template between rounds to make different kinds of creatures (see example video above).

– Each face part can also be rotated to form different looks. This encourages the kid’s creativity as well as giving more dynamism to the activity.

Game twist:

Forget the base face template and let the kids add the face parts to any random objects (you might need tape to do this). Below is an example using a roll of toilet paper 😛 .



About the guest author:


Rodrigo Macias is the creative behind The Box of Ideas (his website) where he merges his experience working in Childcare, Design and Languages to produce free high quality printables and playful-educational activities for kids.

Rodrigo’s social outlets: PinterestTpT InstagramGoogle Plus

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